How to get your Reiki site listed on Google Maps

Setting up and optimizing your Google Maps listing, in my experience, is the number one thing that all Reiki Practitioners should do. When optimized correctly your Google Maps listing can cause your practice to be seen by thousands of people every month.

What makes Google Maps so powerful is the fact they feature reviews on your listing. It is essentially word of mouth advertising online, which is how most Reiki Practitioners secure their new clients. Yet it being online makes it far more scalable then traditional word of mouth advertising can be. So what is Google Maps? Well it is a website ( that allows people to search for local businesses. Not only that, but it is an app that a huge majority of people use on their phones. Google Maps was the most used application on smartphones last month, with over 50% of everyone owning smartphones using it at least once last month. Not only that, but 70% of people aged 35-55 say they use Google Maps to find local services. Even more powerful is that 70% of those reported that they trust online reviews as much as their friend referring a service to them in person.

Google Maps is perfect for Reiki Practitioners because it allows you to use the power of word of mouth advertising online to reach your exact target market. There is no other marketing technique I have come across that is free to set up and only requires a one time investment which will continuously drive new clients to you year after year.

So what experiences have I had that have convinced me of how powerful Google Maps is? Within the first 3 months of optimizing my first clients Google Maps he was receiving so many new patients that he was booked out for weeks. He ended up needing to bring in another Message Therapist into his office so he could see all the new patients. Fast forward years later when I created and optimized a nutritionist’s Google Maps. At the time she was renting out a space in a wellness center. Six months later her business had grown so much she was able to buy out the rest of her contract and bought her own wellness center. She has other healers renting space from her now and has a full kitchen so she can teach nutrition classes.

Reiki has helped me so much in my life that I decided to put together this compressive guide on how to get listed.

Video 1: Setting up google maps:

Video 2: Setting up google voice (US only):

Video 3: Inside the dashboard:

Congratulations! You are now listed on one of the most powerful tools for driving new clients to you. However, in order to really see new clients lining up for your services you will need optimize your Google Maps listing. It’s a bit more information than I can cover in a blog, but I want to cover a few of the basics.

1. Upload 5-10 photos onto your listing. This both helps your ranking and helps convert people who view your listing into new customers.

2. Pick good categories (you can pick up to 10) and use those categories in your introduction as keywords. This will make it so you show up for more search terms and you will show up higher up on the rankings.

3. Make sure have at least 5 reviews. Why 5? Well your star rating won’t show up on Google unless you have 5 reviews. Having a 4-5 star rating on Google Maps makes a massive difference in how many people both click on your listing and how many people will make an appointment with you.

4. Citations! Citations are the #1 factor Google looks at in terms of where you are ranking on Google Maps. Why do rankings matter? Well the higher the ranking the more views you get, the more views you get the more customers you will bring in. So what are Citations? Well they are other websites your business address is listed on other then Google Maps. Places like your local chamber of commerce, your website and other local listing websites. There are hundreds and hundreds of places you can get citations from yet there are a few that are VERY Important to get listed on. Now these are a trade secret, I have spent 100s of hours collecting my massive list of citation sources and I have never given any of them away before, however, I am so passionate about giving back to the Reiki Community because of how much you helped me during my time of serious health issues. So below are 5 of the best citation sources for you to be on.

Top Places to get listed for Citations: Please note that most of these places require verification because they are very high-end listings. Verification is often done by the phone, they will call you or send you a text message with a code you will need to ender into the website. These listing will take each 10-15 minutes to set up. However, the most time consuming aspect of getting listed on each of these sites is actually finding where you need to go to sign up. That is why I have provided the direct URL below on where to go to get listed on each of the sites below.

1. Yelp (International)

2. Manta (US)

3. AngiesList (US)

4. (US)

5. Expressupdate (US)

6. Cylex (UK)

7. Freeindex (UK)

For listing sites in other countries check out these great links: Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada.

Congratulations! While certainly not fully optimized if you completed the above citations you will start getting hits and driving new traffic to your business. The whole process + the citations + reviews will take most of you 2-3 hours to complete. This is nothing compared to the long-term benefits of having a listing will bring to you.

To all the Reiki Practitioners reading this, I want to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made a major impact on my life. I hope that I can return the favour and help you find success in whatever you are doing. I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at for any questions for feedback - Isaac.

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

5 Myths about Reiki Busted

Reiki has been developing a lot since it’s (re)discovery in Japan in 1922 and to do my part in brining it more fully into our Western Post-Modern culture there are a number of myths about Reiki that I would like to bust.

1. Reiki is just hocus-pocus

Okay, science does have a hard time with anything which isn’t tangible and can’t be measured by modern instruments but that’s not quite what I mean. What I would like to clarify is that when we start to work with Reiki we don’t have to suspend our critical thinking and just ‘believe’ in it.

When we work with Reiki we develop our capacity for subtle awareness. Something that we all possess and we start to become aware of different types of chi energy directly. Our intuition starts to deepen and we begin to use more than just our mind to gauge reality. Yes, there really is a world beyond the rational mind. But we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. We still want to be able to discriminate, as long as we are not cynical. And anyway, we develop the best in a spiritual sense when we keep both feet on the ground.

2. You need to have some kind of special gift to be able to work with Reiki

Untrue! Just as we can all learn to play a musical instrument we can all learn to work with energy and become aware of our energy bodies. The only prerequisites are interest and practice.

3. There are many different kinds of Reiki (and each is better than the other)

This trend is rather confusing for people. Tera-Mai Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, etc. I have worked for many years with Reiki and I have received Reiki from people from many different Reiki backgrounds and I can say with confidence: There is only one Reiki, it is the same energy. Some people choose to brand it differently but that’s all. The only thing that makes a difference is the clarity and transparency of the Reiki giver themselves.

Once you start studying the real history, you find that it’s a rather controversial topic

4. Reiki is part of the ‘New Age’ spiritual movement

Disclaimer: I must admit that for quite a while I found everything that had to do with New Age spirituality very interesting. From shamanism to rebirthing and crystals to crop circles. But New Age spirituality is just one of the many forms of spirituality and although Reiki during her path from Japan to the West has been well received by the New Age movement, it did not start there and it will not end there.

5. There is an ‘official’ form of Reiki

From a Japanese perspective Reiki does not even exist outside Japan. And from the perspective of some Western Reiki organisations it’s not Reiki that is being practiced elsewhere. But just as with Yoga, once you start studying the real history, you find that it’s a rather controversial topic on which people do not always agree. All I know for sure is that Reiki is still under development (and probably always will be) and it can be practiced in any culture anywhere on Earth.

I hope I don’t come across as being too critical or opinionated, but I think that everyone should know that Reiki can be a very powerful catalyst for the development of consciousness. It is a proven tool for spiritual development but the form its takes is less important that the ways in which it can help us.

5 Important Tips When Choosing Your Reiki Teacher

So you’ve experienced the deep relaxation of a Reiki treatment and are considering becoming a student of this powerful healing practice. Maybe you’d like to provide ongoing support for a loved one, or yourself. Or perhaps your intuition has simply drawn you to this practice.

The choices are many and the variety of paths to Reiki can be baffling.

Where should you begin?

To narrow down the scope of possible teachers, once you’ve found out about or even met a Reiki teacher in person, look for the following:

1. Does the Reiki teacher walk the talk?

Find out if the teacher treats themselves with Reiki and if they apply other practices such as meditation, yoga or Chi Gong as part their own development. A good teacher knows that they themselves are a work in progress and strive to develop and explore the way forward.

2. How much experience does the Reiki teacher have?

The Reiki teacher should be transparent about how many years experience they have giving treatments and teaching. A solid background means they will be teaching from direct experience rather than simply passing along information.

3. Is there a framework to further your growth?

A good teacher will provide a clear path for students to deepen their practice, whether through Reiki sharing days, workshops and continuing support. You won’t be left hanging after your first course. Also important, the teacher will point to your own intuition when gauging the correct timing for a following course rather than stipulate standard periods, they know that a ‘one size fits all approach’ is not what Reiki is about.

4. Does the teacher express humility?

A true Reiki teachers is a humble example of the healing and developmental powers of Reiki. They probably won’t bring attention to the title of “Master” or put too much emphasis on their lineage as they are very conscious of whether or not they are living in accordance with their own highest potential. Their ego or image is the last thing on their mind.

5. Does this person use confusing jargon?

A good teacher will be able to speak about Reiki in clear and simple terms making it transparent and available to their students, free from any form of religious or spiritual dogma. Watch out for teachers who say that their form of Reiki is better or more powerful.